Ear Surgery before & after

Mr Oliver’s patients are happy to share their surgical outcomes so you can see for yourself how surgery has changed their lives. Patient confidentiality is paramount and all photographs are gratefully reproduced after discussion with Mr Oliver and having given written consent to publication on this website.  This consent can be withdrawn at any time.

Publication of images is to show a range of possible outcomes from surgery and to help enable future patients in making their own informed decision about whether to consider cosmetic surgery.

Setting back of prominent ears is called Otoplasty or Pinnaplasty and is usually performed under local anaesthetic. The operation takes about 90 minutes, as it can often take a little while just to set back the ear in the most natural position. I usually ask patients to check they are happy with the new ear position during surgery.

Otoplasty 1

Otoplasty ear correction surgery before & After with David Oliver, Devon September 2022

“This has given me so much more confidence and I wish I had been able to do it when I was younger.”


KR, Age 48, Devon

This patient had very prominent ears due to a very poorly formed ear-fold (anti-helical fold) which has been recreated using a suture technique with a scar behind the ear. Often the conchal fossa (bowl of the ear) will also need to be reduced in size by removing a little cartilage from behind and the ear unrotated so it sits closer to the head to reduce the projection of the ear. This technique in combination with reforming the earfold is effective for most patients. 

Results are shown at 1 month. This suture technique has a lower risk of complications than older traditional procedures although occasionally the fold in the cartilage created to set back of the ears can relax slightly requiring further revisional surgery

Occasionally there may be more complicated ear problems which may need treating in a specialist centre. However, most patients who are concerned about how far their ears stick out are suitable for this technique.

Otoplasty 2

David Oliver Otoplasty surgery before & after Nov 2020

“I am very happy, I can now wear my hair up. I love the result and I am really happy with them.”

SL, Okehampton, Devon

Otoplasty 3

David Oliver Cosmetic Surgery Otoplasty ear surgery before & after

IG, aged 22, Devon

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