Breast Uplift Before & After

Mr Oliver’s patients are happy to share their surgical outcomes so you can see for yourself how surgery has changed their lives. Patient confidentiality is paramount and all photographs are gratefully reproduced after discussion with Mr Oliver and having given written consent to publication on this website.  This consent can be withdrawn at any time.

Publication of images is to show a range of possible outcomes from surgery and to help enable future patients in making their own informed decision about whether to consider cosmetic surgery.

Mastopexy (Breast uplift) 1

David Oliver Surgeon Breast Reduction Surgery Results before & after July 2014

“I am really pleased with the results.”

DR, Guernsey, Age 48, Mastopexy (breast uplift)

Mastopexy (Breast uplift) 2

David Oliver Surgeon in Guernsey breast uplift mastopexy breast surgery result October 2014

“I am much more confident and feel my age again. The nurses at Mount Stuart Hospital were amazing.”

FS, Guernsey, Age 37, Mastopexy (breast uplift)

Mastopexy (Breast uplift) 3

David Oliver Cosmetic Surgery Breast Mastopexy update 2018

“I am really pleased with the results.”

KM, Age 31, Guernsey, Breast Uplift – Early result 5 weeks post-surgery and 3 months post surgery

Breast Mastopexy (Breast uplift) 4

Breast Augmentation & Mastopexy by David Oliver, plastic surgeon before & after results 4

Mastopexy (Breast uplift) 5

David Oliver Cosmetic Surgeon Breast Surgery Mastopexy before & after June 2016

“I am really happy with the result.”

LC, Age 33, Devon, Breast Uplift – 6 weeks post op

This patient underwent a mastopexy or breast uplift so the volume of the breast remains the same. The nipple has been elevated and the breast tissue is anchored onto the pectoralis fascia (chest muscle) so that the weight of the breast  is supported until the skin has time to heal. The top layer of skin (epidermis) in the lower half of the breast has been removed and the breast narrowed and lifted. This restores the shape of the breast and the projection of the nipple. These scars will continue to fade over the coming 6 to 12 months. A little more relaxation of the breast skin and a little more descent of the breasts may also occur over the next year or so.


Mastopexy (Breast uplift) 6


“I feel much more confident especially in swim wear on holiday.”

TB, Age 43, Torquay, Breast Uplift

This patient underwent a mastopexy for breast droop or ptosis. The results shown are 2 months post operatively.  The breast volume remains the same before and after the operation so the bra size is the same.  If in the months or  years to come she wanted a larger breast then an augmentation would now be possible. Before lifting the breast a moderate size proportionate implant would not have been a sensible option as there is was much breast droop to correct with a breast implant alone and still achieve a natural breast shape.


Mastopexy (Breast Uplift) 7

David Oliver Mastopexy Breast uplift surgery before & after May 2017

Mastopexy or Breast Uplift. Early results are shown at 5 weeks post-operatively.

“I am very pleased with the results of surgery it has helped my self-confidence.”

KD, Age 19, Devon

This patient underwent a mastopexy at the age of 19 due to significant breast ptosis (droop) that had developed during breast development. This is the type of appearance that is more often associated with weight loss and post pregnancy. Results are shown at 5 weeks. The scars can now be expected to fade over the next 12 months as the breasts settle into their new position.

One risk of this procedure can be alteration in nipple sensation but this is often not the case as the nipple remains attached to all the breast tissue and therefore the nerve supply, but this can vary depending on the surgical technique used. In this case the breast skin was elevated off the breast tissue and the breast glandular tissue sutured to the chest wall in a more elevated position. The excess or redundant skin is then removed and the remaining skin allowed to redrape over the new breast shape.

Time gravity and pregnancy in the future will all contribute to the natural aging of the breast in the years to come. Mastopexy should not prevent or interfere too much with the ability to breast feed in the future using this technique as all the breast tissue is still attached to the breast ducts and nipples.


Mastopexy (Breast Uplift) 8

David Oliver Breast uplift mastopexy surgery before & after July 2017
David Oliver Mastopexy Breast Uplift Surgery result 18 months post op Devon

Mastopexy (Breast Uplift)

MN, Age 42, Exeter, Devon

This lady had ptotic (droopy) breasts after pregnancy. She also had significant chest wall asymmetry due to differences between the ribs on each side which were elevated on the right in the cleavage area and were turning the breast outwards. Following the lift or mastopexy the chest wall differences are much less apparent.

Often increasing the breast size with implants or lifting the natural breast can disguise differences in the shape of the rib cage and sternum (breast bone).


Two Stage Mastopexy & Breast Augmentation


“It was one of the best decisions I have made.”

VL, Age 42, Torquay, Devon

Two stage Mastopexy & Breast Augmentation. Nagor Impleo IMP HR 210 cc breast implant

This patient initially had a mastopexy or breast uplift and then 3 months later had a modest round 210 cc breasts implant.

This procedure is best undertaken as a two stage operation. This is safer with regard to preserving the breast and nipple blood supply and allows more accurate implant selection. Some patients may be happy with the uplift only and defer the option of a breast implant for some time in the future.


Two Stage Breast Mastopexy (uplift) & Breast Augmentation 2

David Oliver Surgery two stage Breast Uplift (mastopexy) Breast Augmentation June 2018

“I feel more confident in clothing now I have a proportionate size and I feel more normal.”

DR, Age 28, Exeter, Devon

Two stage Mastopexy (Breast Uplift) & Breast Augmentation.

This patient underwent a mastopexy initially to reduce the breast skin envelope and then as a second operation, 3 months later, of breast augmentation using different size implants. A Nagor Impleo 270cc implant was used on the right and 210 cc implant on the slightly larger left side to even out the difference in breast volume. The scars can now be expected to settle further over the next 12 months.  This procedure is usually best performed in two operations to reduce the risk of complications and to achieve a better result overall.


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