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If you are considering surgery you will be likely to have many questions.  In order to assist you, please see below some of the more frequently asked questions Mr Oliver receives.

Q. I am considering breast augmentation.  How do I know what size breast implants I will need?

A. Your surgeon will discuss with you the size of breasts that you would like to achieve with surgery. Perhaps you would like a very natural looking augmentation or a fuller look. Your surgeon should examine your breasts and measure their  width, height and the nipple position. Any differences between the two sides should also be noted. This will then allow accurate estimation of the base of the breast and hence the size of the base of the breast implant.  The projection (how far forward the implant will be) and type the implant can then judged depending on your aesthetic goals, for example whether a round or tear-drop shaped implant might be best for you.

At this point we can arrange for you to see one of our cosmetic nurses who will trial the implant size with you using pre-formed breast sizes with a bra and in clothing so you can see the effect of the different sizes for yourself. Generally at your second consultation, you and your surgeon will confirm which would be the right size and style of implant for you.

Take a look at Mr Oliver’s surgery patient before & after results from our patients in Devon & Guernsey.

Cosmetic Surgery before & after results Exeter Torbay Devon Guernsey by David Oliver expert Cosmetic Surgeon

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