Considering Blepharoplasty (eyelid) surgery?

Surgery to the eyelids is a commonly and regularly performed procedure and can be carried out to either the upper, lower or both eyelids.

Upper eyelid surgery is usually performed to correct droopy or heavy lids that hinder a more youthful appearance and can in fact impair the upward and downward field of vision. Lower eyelid surgery is a more complicated procedure which is usually performed under general anaesthetic to remove eye bags which can give the appearance of tiredness.

This type of surgery tends to be carried out on those aged 45 or over, but can be carried out at a younger age as sometimes excessive fat in the lower lids or hooding of the eyes can be due to familial causes. Surgery can be performed under local or general anaesthetic and takes between one and three hours depending on what you have done. It is possible, and very common, to have both upper and lower lids operated on at the same time.

Scars from eyelid surgery are able to be extremely well hidden. Upper lid scars are hidden in the natural crease of the eyelid and in the crinkles at the corner of the eye. Lower lid surgery involves a scar just below the lash line which extends out to the crow’s feet at the side of the eye, but again can be very well disguised.

There will be some bruising and swelling post surgery but this will soon improve – nothing that could not be hidden by some rather nice sunglasses!

Patients who undertake eyelid surgery and very satisfied with the procedure and tend to feedback that friends and family comment on how well they look, without being able to pinpoint the exact reason why! Check out some of Mr Oliver’s Blepharoplasty results.

It is important to chose your surgeon carefully to perform this procedure.

David Oliver, Cosmetic Surgeon based in Devon covering Exeter, Torbay and Guernsey“Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is often complex surgery especially in the lower lids. Excessive skin in the upper lids is a little easier to correct and this can be done under a local anaesthetic.

Lower lid surgery is an intricate procedure as both the skin and fat around the eye may need refined to achiev the desired result.  This type of procedure requires careful consideration and therefore you need to discuss with your surgeon the likely outcome and risks associated with surgery”

Mr David Oliver
Consultant Reconstructive & Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

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