Breast augmentation surgery

With the arrival of spring, it’s natural to start thinking of the coming summer months and holidays, and the impending beach body battle that many of us go through!  Many people consider having cosmetic surgery, and a breast enlargement procedure tends to be one of the most requested procedures – this has been so for the past decade.  It may be that you have small or underdeveloped breasts and would like a larger or fuller look this summer?

The key to a positive outcome is to ensure you chose a professionally accredited surgeon to perform the procedure for you, in a modern regulated healthcare environment without having to travel far from your home, or importantly, from your surgeon for post-operative appointments.

Breast enlargement (or augmentation) surgery is suited to most women of all ages, although many surgeons will not operate on anyone under the age of 18, to ensure the breasts are fully developed.  The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic and involves an overnight stay in hospital.

David Oliver will offer you a thorough consultation to ensure that you both understand what you are trying to achieve, and to decide upon the shape and size of the implant that you require. He will perform your operation and will see you post-operatively, so that you are always under his care.

Mr Oliver, Consultant Plastic Surgeon says:

“Many women request the most natural results from breast augmentation, whilst others would like to go a little larger. Implant selection is the key and I will discuss the shapes and styles available and show photographs of the possible outcomes with different choices.  Understanding the desired results, and discussing with the patient their implant choices, is the key to successful breast augmentation”

Choosing to have this procedure is an important decision, and you must feel comfortable with your choice of surgeon and ensure that you are fully informed and not pressurised. Mr Oliver’s and his team will support you throughout  this process.

Take a look at Mr Oliver’s surgery patient before & after results from his patients in Devon & Guernsey.

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