COVID-19  Guernsey clinic update 

Due to current government mandated travel restrictions and lack of available flights it is currently no longer possible to provide the Guernsey clinic which is therefore postponed. We hope in the future to be able to resume this service.

Should you require a new patient consultation and are able to travel to the UK mainland then Mr Oliver can arrange to see you for a consultation at Exeter Medical, part of Ramsay Healthcare.

Exeter Medical follows all current guidelines to provide a safe environment for your consultation taking all COVID 19 precautions. Cost for the initial consultation will be deferred and included in the procedure price should you decide to go ahead. As previously the procedure fee will also include a taxi to and from Exeter airport. We will endeavour to arrange an appointment time to fit in with your travel arrangements.

Free of charge telephone consultations are also available if you would prefer, although a face-to-face appointment will usually be needed prior to booking surgery however this can be on a case-by-case basis.

If any existing patient has any questions or concerns and would like to speak to Mr Oliver about their previous procedure or future procedures then a telephone consultation can also be arranged. This can be organised by telephoning Tracey directly or by emailing her through the contact section of website.

For more useful telephone consultations prior email of images is usually helpful to facilitate a more useful discussion and to give a more accurate appraisal and assessment of the clinical concern.

Ramsay Healthcare email is a secure server for receipt of these images. These will be deleted at the end of the consultation, or kept as part of the clinical record with your agreement.

Procedure fees for each operation you may be considering can be provided prior to consultation

Thank you for bearing with as during this difficult time.

Clinic day:


The Medical Specialist Group is the sole provider of on-island pre-operative and post-operative care for cosmetic surgery patients. Mr David Oliver, offers regular clinics at Mill House, St Martin’s.

If it is more convenient for a mainland appointment Exeter Medical is 5 mins from Exeter Airport.

To book a cosmetic surgery consultation in Guernsey please call Tracey on 01392 982203.

Why choose us?

Mr David Oliver, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, offers on-island consultations and we offer a dedicated nurse, pre-operative assessment and post-operative care at competitive prices. We offer surgery in a small, clean and friendly hospital in Torquay with excellent patient satisfaction results, just a short flight from Guernsey to Exeter and provide a complimentary taxi to and from Exeter Airport to Torquay.

We can also provide you with access to Guernsey patients who are happy to share their experiences and reassure prospective patients.

In conjunction and partnership with Ramsay Health care and The Medical Specialist Group in Guernsey Mr Oliver offers consultations at:

Mill House
Les Frieteaux
St Martins

To book a cosmetic surgery consultation in Guernsey please call Tracey on 01392 982203.