BAAPS Annual Scientific Meeting

Mr Oliver attended the Annual Scientific Meeting 2013 at the Queen Elizabeth Centre in London of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Guest speakers included Sherrell J Aston from New York, USA. He spoke about his extensive experience of performing over 6,000 facelifts and described the techniques he commonly uses.

William P Adams from Texas, gave presentations on the breast augmentation, mastopexy (uplift), and other areas of breast aesthetic surgery.  He focused on obtaining desirable results with operative techniques to encourage rapid recovery and return to daily activities as soon as possible after surgery. He presented his method of dual plane breast augmentation, a technique already favoured and commonly used by Mr Oliver for breast augmentation.

The program included presentations on many other areas of cosmetic surgery including abdominoplasty,  body contouring and discussions on injectable treatments, with contributions from both guest speakers and experienced BAAPS members.

Scientific papers were presented on many subjects including breast augmentation, mastopexy and psychological aspects of cosmetic surgery practice.

A new initiative by BAAPS was presented on the newly formed Aesthetic Research Institute to use data from BAAPS members and research to improve our understanding of many area of our practice. The goal is to provide a better  evidence base for all aspects of cosmetic surgery practice.

There was the opportunity to visit the company stands that provide equipment for use in cosmetic surgery and to review the latest advances in design of breast implants and other devices. New equipment for liposuction and lipo-modelling were available in addition to new techniques in analgesia.

This annual event provides highly specific continued medical education for all those with a cosmetic surgery practice so that BAAPS and the BAAPS members are at the forefront of innovation and excellence in all areas of cosmetic surgery.